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Tamar Meliva

Tamar Meliva
Assistant in Architecture

Tamar Meliva holds a master’s degree in Restoration and Conservation of Architectural Monuments from Tbilisi State Academy of Art (TSAA), Georgia. Since 2018 Ms. Tamar Meliva, works at the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, at the UNESCO and International Relations Unit, were her main duties are World Heritage Sites’ related issues in Georgia and other international heritage-related projects. At the same time, she is a PhD candidate at TSAA with the focus of her study - Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage in Georgia. 

She has a vast professional experience of working with different Georgian and International heritage organisations and universities, for both the conservation/restoration of the built heritage, as well as the management of the heritage. She continuously participates in various international professional activities, inter alia trainings, in order to improve her knowledge and follow the recent achievements/challenges/trends of the field.