Carl Zeiss Microscopy Education and Research Center equipped with the highest level of equipment was established at New Vision University. A Carl Zeiss company in Germany does not requires to be introduced: this company is the undisputed world leader in the development of various types of optical systems. Even a large number of objects launched into space are equipped with Carl Zeiss equipment.
In the laboratory, scientific researches are carried out in four areas - Oncology, Neuroscience, Dermatology and Genetics. The researchers are conducted by Internationally recognized professionals - specialists in cell biology and molecular biology, microscopy specialists and outstanding young scientists.
It should be noted that students interested in super-resolution microscopy, cell biology, and molecular biology have access to the laboratory's instruments; Also to those professors and scientists who are working in the mentioned field.
In Transcaucasia, a particularly wide range of super-resolution microscopy is presented in this laboratory. In particular, at this stage there are 15 optical microscopes of Carl Zeiss company of different types, the main one of which is the first super-resolution confocal system in Georgia. The number of tools will increase in the future; Accordingly, a number of latest, highly informative technical approaches and methods will be introduced in the laboratory. New Vision University’s investment for setting up this laboratory is currently 5,000,000 GEL.
Along with setting up such an expensive laboratory, the Carl Zeiss Center of New Vision University takes obligation to performing scientific research at the highest international level.