New Vision University offers you the opportunity to be involved in  many different types of sports and physical activities, in- or outdoors at all levels. Getting physically active can help boost your energy, mental health and even academic performance.  NVU considers that students are motivated by different things. Those who wish to compete seriously can join a sports team and represent the university but there are also other activities, primarily for fun, enjoyment and social relationships.    

University sports are usually offered at these levels:

  • Representative or performance sport – at varsity level, i.e. competition between universities (inter-university championships);
  • Intramural sport – competition level within your university (intra-university championships);
  • Social and recreational sport – informal participation;
  • Health and wellbeing or lifestyle – e.g. gym, fitness, yoga classes.

Benefits of University Sport

You may feel you’re too busy with your studies to prioritize sports. However, research suggests that those who take part in physical activity get better grades. You also benefit in other ways. Physical activity can reduce stress levels from course deadlines and exams. Sports can also hone your powers of observation and the ability to focus. Employability skills are enhanced, such as working towards targets, using strategy and drive, and communication and teamwork. Social isolation decreases through widening your circle of friends outside of the subject you study. Starting to study at university often means moving from home, living with people you've only just met, and studying in a different way than you're used to which can be stressful. Taking part in sports, particularly in team sports, helps to boost your mental health and beat the stress.

Trying a New Sport at University
Don't worry if you've never played a particular sport or want to try a new activity. NVU shares the vision of the campaign ‘sport for all’ and the university encourages students to try something new. The university offers both beginner classes and coaching for those who want  to improve their skills in particular sports. These can be run by NVU staff employed in university sports and recreation departments, or by fellow students.
Sport Clubs and Facilities
There are various sport clubs and societies to get involved in during your study at NVU, whether you’re a beginner or you want to compete in one of NVU’s teams, the sports societies cater for every level. NVU also has its own sportsground in the territory of University Eco-Campus, sportsground provides for a variety of outdoor sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, etc.
Booking a Sports Ground

To promote a healthy lifestyle among local community, NVU sports fields are open to public. If you need a sports field for competition or play in football, basketball, volleyball, cricket or other sports, please, write a request to with the indication of the date, time, sports and the details of your request and wait for our feedback. Booking the sports ground is free of charge.

New Vision Wednesday
New Vision University has introduced a tradition, every week on Wednesdays the NVU Eco-Campus is hosting sporting events which will contribute towards building a healthy lifestyle in the lives of the University staff and students. During the New Vision Wednesday a wide selection of sports activities - football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, badminton, archery and other sports - are offered for the campus guests. The quality of life can be improved through making the process of learning, research and any other activity “healthier” for ourselves, in the literal sense of the word.

Tobacco-free Campus

In-line with the promotion of the healthy lifestyle, New Vision University campus is smoke-free. Smoking of any type of tobacco-related products (including vapes, electronic cigarettes, nicotine-free vapes, etc.) is forbidden on the territory of the campus - indoor and outdoor facilities. Students or employees, violating the smoke-free policy of NVU will face the disciplinary hearing and sanctions.