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The Skilled Mediator – Stay as Calm as Buddha and as Sharp as Sherlock Holmes
15 November 2018

This hands-on practical workshop will introduce participants to a practical framework that will enable them to use the appropriate skills and strategies in mediation, no matter what the case, the parties or their representatives throw at them.

The particular emphasis of the workshop will be on ensuring participants can access the emotional and intellectual resources needed for managing the unpredictable environment of the mediation room so that they can effectively and confidently use their core mediation skills and strategies.

The workshop will be delivered in a practical, engaging and highly interactive format. The participants will have a lot of fun and get a great opportunity to practice their skills and learn from an experienced mediator and their peers.


The Workshop will be held at New Vision University Eco Campus on November 20, 2018 7:00 – 9:00 pm.

Who should attend?

The workshop is open to students New Vision University as well as students from other universities and young practitioners who have had some theoretical or practical training in mediation.

The Workshop will be led by Aled Davis who will be assisted by NVU faculty Sopo Chachava and Sophie Tkemaladze.

Working language – English.

If you have interest to participate in the workshop – please fill out the registration form.

Aled Davies is the founder and CEO of - an award winning online education company that produces and delivers the highest quality educational resources to those at the front line of dispute resolution. He has been involved in the field of mediation and conflict resolution almost 20 years. He has mediated community, workplace and commercial disputes, educated thousands of mediators and professionals in FTSE 100 companies in resolving conflict. Aled’s passion for mediation and excellence in education drove him to reimagine how mediation education could be delivered throughout the world. Mediator Academy was born. Mediator Academy brings together a global faculty of experts in mediation, conflict and ADR which, through innovation in online pedagogy and technology, delivers internationally accredited courses to professionals who want to future proof their careers. Before that Aled was a commercial diver and ran a diamond mining business in Central Africa, but that’s another story altogether!