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Procedure of granting University Ph.D scholarship
17 July 2014

1. An applicant Ph.D student is entitled to apply to the Board of the respective School and solicit for scholarship

2. The award of University scholarship imposes additional obligations on a Ph.D student with regard to the University. The individual workload of a Ph.D student is determined according to workload scheme calculated for an academic semester and amounts to at least 220 hours a semester, which workload can be distributed amongst the following duties:

- Participation in the implementation of a Bachelor Program in Law (leading a workgroup, advice, checking a written work accomplished under guidance, etc.)

- Translation work;

- Participation in preparation the preparation-editing of the translation of a university publication, textbook or monograph for publication purposes;

- Participation in the preparation of a textbook;

- Participation in the implementation of a research work;

- Participation in the operation of New Vision - Legal aid office.

3.The University scholarship will be issued on a semester basis, is equal to semester tuition fee and is credited for it.

4. Each Ph.D student shall be subject to one or several activities, at University’s discretion and based on the proportionality and good faith principles. The activities will be selected and combined with working regime in agreement with the Ph.D student.