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NVU Law School student becomes CDRC Young Global Ambassador
1 September 2017

NVU Law School student, Mariam Malidze is honored to become member of the CDRC Young Global Ambassador Programme (YGAP). As for now, she is doing her LLM in Comparative Private and International Law and works full time for a law firm. By taking the role of CDRC Young Global Ambassador in the region, Mariam will become part of its global network and will help it spread the concept of its mission and its enthusiasm for mediation and negotiation. She will have the opportunity to represent CDRC Vienna and create a mutual opportunity to connect with a diverse community of students, professionals, institutions and organizations around the world.

The Young Global Ambassadors Programme(YGAP), is a collective of young students and professionals unified by their experiences at the IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna and incorporated as a group to propound the values and virtues of consensual dispute resolution in and through the global platform established by the IBA-VIAC mediation and negotiation competition. YGAP proves itself to be a unique network of mediation zealots.

NVU congratulates Mariam for her achievement and wish her success in the future.