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Knee Edoprosthesis: another complex curgery successfully accomplished in New Vision University Hospital
20 September 2015

Another complex surgery has been successfully accomplished in New Vision University Hospital. Total endo-prosthesis of knee was placed in the joint of patient using Implantcast MUTARS® (Modular Universal Tumour And Revision System).

Patient addressed the clinic with complaints regarding pain and joint deformity. Clinical tests performed by ​Doctor ​Kakhaber Todua​, ​H​ead of Skin, Soft Tissues and Bone Oncosurgery Department and​ Doctor​ Koba Diasamidze, ​H​ead of Traumatology Department revealed diagnosis of right knee tumor with infiltration in surrounding tissues.

For more than 90% of such cases are subject of amputation, however at New Vision University Hospital, surgeons managed to retain the limb by removing distal part of thigh and proximal part of shin and replacing it with prosthesis, fully preserving the function of the joint. 

Such surgeries are directly tied with advanced modern technologies and require highly skilled professionals. Hospital closely collaborates with German physicians, who along with the Doctors Kakha Todua and Koba Diasamidze, traumatologists - Shalva Dadiani and Giorgi Kvaratskhelia, actively participate in implementation of new surgical methodologies at New Vision University Hospital.