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How to Apply to the Medical Doctor Program
19 September 2019

In order to be admitted, applicants must fulfill the following criteria and provide documents requested:

I. Proof of Proficiency in English at the B2 Level (specifically English for Medical Purposes Exam – EMPE, with a passing percentage of 70%).

Prerequisites for exemption from EMPE  

If a student scores 60% or more (60-69 %) on the EMPE, NVU offers preparatory courses in Medical English (free of charge).

If a student scores 50% or more (50-59 %) on the EMPE, NVU offers general and Medical English preparatory courses (free of charge).

All students are granted a second opportunity to pass the English Exam.

II. MCAT (Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems), with a passing percentage of 50% or a Biology & Chemistry knowledge certification.

Prerequisites for exemption from MCAT: 90 and more percentage in a minimum of two science related subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environment, whereby either Biology or Chemistry shall be included), based on the student’s certificate/transcript from his or her prior school

In case the student has received 32 or more on the MCAT exam or has 90% or more in Biology or Chemistry, based on the prior school’s certificate/transcript, and simultaneously satisfies the English Language admission criteria, NVU offers MCAT preparation courses (free of charge).

After completing the appropriate preparatory courses, the student has the opportunity to retake the MCAT exam (requiring a passing percentage of 50%).