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George Barkalaia

George Barkalaia
Professor in Marketing

George Barkalaia has more than thirteen years’ experience of working in marketing, consulting and education industries providing consultancy and executive management services for local and international companies; Has solid experience in marketing, PR and advertising, sales and their promotion, and general senior level management at Georgian private sector companies. Working experience includes serving as Marketing Director and Chief Marketing and PR Officer at companies like: Wissol Petroleum Georgia, Arti Group, Bank of Georgia Group (including Bank of Georgia, BG Bank (Ukraine), Belarusky Narodny Bank (Belarus), and Aldagi BCI Insurance company), Georgian Lottery Company LLC, and VTB Bank-Georgia; Consulting activities and projects includes Brand and Brand Strategy Development for Socar Energy Georgia, Marketing strategy planning and Marketing and PR management for the above companies, creating best TV advertisements in Georgia and best TV placements, rebranding incooperation with Allen International, London Based Design company for Bank of Georgia, sales planning and analysis for different companies in wide range of industries, creating media planning and PR campaign development and implementation, developing sales strategy and new channels for sales. Has more than ten years’ experience in teaching and training.