The alumni relations department at the university is responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships with the institution's alumni. Its primary goal is to foster a sense of community and engagement among former students by providing them with ongoing opportunities for involvement and support through various initiatives such as supporting professional development, promoting alumni engagement, enhancing visibility, conducting career development workshops, networking events, entrepreneurship support, and more. 

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NVU is establishing the annual tradition of the Alumni Award which aims to celebrate and shed light on graduates’ achievements to the public.

In 2023 a special jury will select the winner graduates in the following five nominations: 

  • Outstanding Contribution to NVU

Description: The award honours alumni for dedication to the university's goals. The award will be given to alumni who have significantly contributed to the betterment of NVU.

  • Civic Engagement

Description: The award honours alumni who have made a positive impact on a community. Those who have enriched the lives of others by dedicating time, effort, and resources through their involvement in social issues; alumni who are inspired to care.

  • Equality Promotion

Description: The award honours alumni for commitment to equality through promoting diversity and inclusion in their chosen field or profession.

  • Research and Innovation

Description: The award honours alumni for their research and/or innovation. It is granted to alumni for distinguished innovation and/or research findings that have produced a significant impact in their chosen field.

  • Professional Achievement

Description: The award honours alumni with a prosperous career and outstanding achievements in their chosen field or profession.


The award ceremony will help graduates to reintegrate into the university life, gain professional visibility and network by showcasing their experience.

Alumni of all educational programs of New Vision University can participate in the competition, regardless of the year of graduation. Graduate has the opportunity to nominate either their or other person’s candidacy.