Tamar Goderidze

Tamar Goderidze
Associate Professor in Family Medicine

Tamar Goderidze graduated from the Tbilisi State Medical University with Ph.D. degree in Endocrinology, General Medicine and Family Medicine with distinction; 

She worked at “Junona” company as an endocrinologist (2008-2011) and gained extensive experience in working as a family doctor at various clinics for insurance companies. Ms. Goderidze worked as a senior family physician for JSC Clinic “Peoples Insurance” (2007-2009 ), Insurance Company “IC Group” (2009-2010), LTD “Managed Care Network - MCN” (2010-2011 ), Insurance Company “Partner” (2011-2012) and a VIP family doctor at “PSP New Hospitals” clinic. Since 2012, she works at family medicine center “Medihelp” as an endocrinologist and is also a family doctor at Georgian-American family practice clinic “Medical House.” 

Ms. Goderidze was appointed as the Program Director of professional learning and training programs for prospective family practice doctors at family medicine center “Medihelp” in 2012; 

She is the author of four scientific publications, mainly focusing on thyroid diseases and metabolic syndrome.