Young Researchers’ Workshop in Tartu University
27 October 2017

In a framework of DESCnet (Network for Developing the European Studies in Caucasus), the call for participation for the Young Researchers’ Workshop has been announced. Upcoming workshop “Teaching in a Multicultural Environment” will be held in the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, at the University of Tartu (Estonia) on 8-14 February 2018.

New Vision University, as a partner institution of DESCnet, will be represented by one person selected based on the motivation letter.

Target group – Ph.D. students and junior teaching staff of social and political sciences, economics, law and humanities of all partner universities of the project.

Application deadline - November 15, 2017.

Please find information about the event in the attached syllabus, call for applications and administrative overview.

NOTE: The final date of the event is 8-14 February 2018 but not 12 -17 February 2018 as mentioned in the attached files.