PhD Program has been launched!
18 October 2014

The New Vision University Ph.D. Program in Law has been launched. The students get familiarized with basic research methods within the framework of Doctoral program during the first semester through special mandatory course (Basic Instruments of Doctoral Research). This course enables students to master the methods of organization of doctoral research, the specificity of working with primary and secondary sources. The basic method is “Do and Learn” as students are required to present the Doctoral Thesis related components.

The Ph.D. Program is fully calculated in credits and allows for a real possibility to accomplish studies within optimal timelines. Starting from the second semester the students have the chance to personally plan the development of their own profile: to select the mandatory study components (Teaching methods – I or I Seminar) or opt for Professor Guided Research – I.

A Seminar is a study component and, respectively, is not related to Doctoral Thesis, whilst Colloquium, being a Doctoral Thesis related component is part of the Dissertation. The difference between Professor Guided Research and Colloquium is that, that in the first case there is a wide possibility to get instructions, whilst Colloquium is mainly based on an independent work. Reasonable mixture of these components (each of them is a 15-credit component) promotes the development of stills conditioned by the generation of ideas through cooperation with a professor and independent work, respectively.

Teaching methods – II and II Seminar are optional components, which enable students to better define their profile. E.g. if a student is more interested in teaching and not in the development of additional research skills, she/he opts for Teaching methods – II and in opposite case – for II Seminar.