Information about Law Master’s Degree Specialty Exam
30 August 2017

Specialty exam for the Master's Degree program in Comparative Private and International Law consists of two 20-point cases (opportunity to choose from the private or international law) and six 10-point analytical questions. Maximum evaluation for the specialty examination is 40 points, therefore Master's candidate can choose individually exam subjects, for example, 1 case and 2 analytical questions or only 4 analytical questions. The maximum points gained at the exam should not exceed 40 points.

Cases of the private law can be solved using either through German or American methods. While examining the case, all kinds of auxiliary materials, including the text of the Civil Code with various notes and/or markings (additional material can be found at the University Library prior to the exam). It is recommended to bring a Civil Code to solve the private law cases.

Please view samples of exam questions:

A sample of analytical questions and of private law case. 

A sample of international law case.