Cooperation with University of Potsdam
27 October 2018

Representatives of the School of Medicine visited the University of Potsdam, the Department of Medicine and Sports. The meeting aimed the planning of joint projects. The visit included sessions of the International Autumn School, conducted for the Master and PhD students, which were led by invited professors, among them Prof. Khatuna Saganelidze. Lana Bokuchava, New Vision University PhD student was also among the participants of the School.

Within the framework of the visit, the representatives of various universities: Prof. Frank Mayer (University of Potsdam, Germany), Prof. Alon Kalron (Tel Aviv University, Israel), Prof. Kornelia Kulig (University of Southern California, USA), Prof. Greg Bashford (University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA) and Prof. Khatuna Saganelidze (New Vision University, Georgia) agreed on the implementation of joint scientific projects. The next collaborative meeting was planned to be held in New Vision University in Georgia.

The visit was supported by the KoUP Cooperation Foundation that aims to promote international cooperation and implementation of joint research projects.