Admissions to Law and Medicine Doctorate Programs
31 August 2017

New Vision University announces admissions to Doctorate Programs:

• Doctoral Program in Law;

• Doctoral Program in Medicine.

Duration: 3 years (180 credits);

Language of instruction: either Georgian or English in accordance with the choice of the doctorate student.

Semester Fee:

• Doctoral Program in Law: 1250 GEL;

• Doctoral Program in Medicine: 2250 GEL.

Those interested in enrolling in the Doctoral Program must submit the following documents:

• A copy of an ID;

• Copy of a document certifying master or equivalent qualification (if you received a Master's Degree from a foreign country - a copy of the document confirming the recognition of the diploma should be provided);

• Photograph;

• A copy of the document confirming military registration;

• The consent of the supervisor;

• A copy of the international certificate or other document certifying the language competence in English or other European languages ​​(German, French) at least at B2 level (for detailed information on the type of documents that can be accepted please view the link);

• Topic and structure of the research;

• Description of planned research;

• Autobiography(CV).

For enrolling at the Ph.D. programs in the 2017-2018 academic year,  following stages must be taken:

• Submission of documents in electronic form: no later than September 20, 2017;

• English language exam (if necessary): anytime with student's choice, in agreement with the University administration, including September 19, 2017;

• Interview: September 22, 2017;

• Results of the Interview: September 25, 2017;

• Administrative registration: September 25 - 30, 2017.