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PhD in Medicine

To contribute to the free development of an individual and expansion of human vision through enhancement of the existing knowledge and establishment of innovative and effective methods in medicine and/or diagnostics and treatment fields. To enhance the research and teaching competences in accordance with NQF VIII level learning outcomes (see below). 

Gaining knowledge of the most recent developments of a field of study allowing for further expansion thereof using innovative and effective methods (at the level required for referable publications);  
Enhancement of the ability to analyse  new, complex and controversial ideas and approaches; Making efficient decisions for the solution of problems; Ability to independently plan, carry out and supervise, as well as clearly and soundly demonstrate innovative and actual research; Readiness to further develop new ideas and ability to research the ways of establishing new values or to contribute to innovative and actual methods for the establishment of acknowledged ones. 

Knowledge based on the most recent developments of a field/sub-field of study or an interdisciplinary field in the context of new medical practice, diagnostical or treatment approaches employed at an international level, what allows for further expansion of the existing knowledge in the context of the doctoral thesis and use of innovative methods at the level of standards required for referable publications; understanding of the renewed scope of knowledge through re-analysis and partial re-evaluation of the existing knowledge in terms of the doctoral thesis; 

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