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Master’s program in Comparative Private and International Law

The program aims to develop competencies in the fields of comparative private and/or international law. The choice between comparative private and international law components enables a student to shape his/her profile in either way: to make emphasis on comparative private law or on international law or to combine components from both concentrations.

Master's program in Medical Rehabilitation and Healthcare Management

The objective of this program is to develop competitive Master degree specialists and to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for successful work with the multidisciplinary team at an international level. A successful graduate of the program will be able to become a qualified member of a team in the medical and rehabilitation clinic.

MBA - Business Administration

The program aims to develop students into broadly educated business managers, executives and/or entrepreneurs. Completion of the course means that a student develops knowledge, skills and values needed for successful implementation and management of managerial/entrepreneurial activities in line with the requirements of the complex business environment and labor market.