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Student Self-governance

Student Self-governance is elected at the Student General Assembly by the majority vote. The Student General Assembly approves the first provision which should include: the number of school representatives introduced at the student self-governance as well as the rules of member voting, policies on decision-making, and if necessary, regulations amending the rules in regards to the member election at the Representative Council. 

The first student self-government election was held on December 12, 2015. 

Chairs included:

Medical Doctor Program:

Shivraj Prashant Patil - – 568903424;

Bachelor’s program in Law:

Meri Khurodze - – 557927626;

Bachelor’s program in Business and Information Technologies:

Mariam Dartsmelia - – 568363611;

Bachelor’s program in Politics and International Relations:

Obinna Kennedy Ohaechesi - – 555576720;


Jerry Oluwatayo Oso - – 599079180;

Master’s program in Law:

Natia Giunashvili - – 592028208;

PhD in Law:

Levan Nanobashvili - – 599301484;

PhD in Medicine:

Sofio Bojgua - – 551258888.

NVU Photographers Club

Head Of Club: Rahul Bhaskar -

Manager: Anirudh singh -

Scientific Society (NVU-SSS)

President: Akshay singh -

Cultural Society

President: Dheeraj Singh -

Sacretary: Ankit Gujar -

NVU Sports Society Contact Detail

President: Rahul Bhaskar -

Secretory: Anirudh singh -