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Quality Assurance

The Learning and Teaching Statement 2018

  1. NVU academic community shares the view that teaching means to inspire, encourage, stimulate and facilitate, but may also require to share knowledge, i.e. [to] know how; whereas learning predominantly stands for research (to enhance skills of critical thinking and making judgment) that leads to awareness to care and to contribute;
  2. An early engagement of students in research process remains priority and may be well supported by development of NVU research clusters as “HUBs” – A Wheel of Interests that supports and stimulates moving;
  3. Worldwide increased number of students deciding to enter higher education programs and variety of resources (including e-resources & literature) available for consideration, set different paradigm for future education – respectively, development of e-society shall be supported by NVU academic community;
  4. Peer-observations and -advice activities shall be facilitated for constant exchange of views to spot inconsistences and encourage teachers to adapt Assessment Methodology if they want to shape the process how students learn – as many students still learn Assessment Centered;
  5. Creating Data Dashboard as “live” document updated every time new data will be ready for analysis and making it available for all stakeholders - academic community, students, graduates and employers is highly welcomed and appreciated;
  6. NVU academic community acknowledges the need to explore additional opportunities to enhance Learning by Teaching and Learning by Doing experiences and further diversify profiles & pathways in order to cope with employability requirements. Program Approval Form shall be further modernized with specific emphasis on Employability Criteria linking particular endeavor with relevant market survey and/or consultations with employability officer;
  7. NVU team endeavors to maintain knowledge exchange and experience sharing through staff mobility and simultaneously initiate international calls for staff recruitment for internationalization of academic team;
  8. For the 2018 Fair Well Event Teacher Excellence Award ceremony shall be conducted, where students nominate and vote for teachers in different categories.

Quality Culture Committee

The assessment of the educational and scientific-research activities as well as of professional development of the Institution personnel shall be undertaken by Quality Culture Committee. Quality assurance is based on the principle: "Plan–Do–Check–Act". The aim of this continuous cycle is to permanently improve activities in the implementation of the educational program, as well as to avoid shortcomings as far as possible by carrying out preliminary measures and in case of impossibility - with timely reaction.