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New Vision Library

The library houses collection of books for seminars, ABC Library, library service center, university electronic resources and literature research international system. Seminar library is open every day from  9:00 until 21:00, and – until 24:00 in the cases of a preliminary request. 

Within the framework of a joint project of non-governmental organization "Civic Education and Social Equality Center" (CESEC) and American organizations (including Friends of the Clinton Library, Blount County Public Library; Blount County Sister City Program; The City of Alcoa Municipal Government) numerous books of American citizens, private and governmental organizations and various publishing houses were assembled and added to the library collection.

Some books and manuscripts dating back as far as 1800, have been donated from private collections. According to the agreement between New Vision University and the "Civic Education and Social Equality Center," these books will be hosted by the NVU library permanently. 


New Vision Library Catalog