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Establishment and Aim

The nonprofit New Vision University Hospital aims to provide medical service based on individual needs and ethical values through the implementation of treatment methods at the international standards. Development, implementation and enhancement of quality of medical practices are carried out along with educational and research programs.

The hospital is a rare exception in the reality of Georgia, which is established as a nonprofit legal entity and operates for the benefit of the public. This is expressed through numerous free screening programs, as well as, by the so-called development of non-profit directions. For example, in 2017, the palliative department has been formed and expanded several times.

The nonprofit New Vision University Hospital replaced, Ltd. company functioning under the same name, which was founded as a result of a reorganization in Ltd. Cancer Research Center - Martin D. Abeloff Laboratory (established on April 20, 2012) and September 2015 merger of Ltd. Geoclinic. In October 2017, another autonomously operating unit purchased from the hospital "Davit Gagua Clinic" joined the hospital. Accordingly, the number of hospital beds increased to 125.

Since September 1, 2016, management of the hospital and the School of Medicine has been united making the Dean of the School of Medicine head of the hospital subsequently.