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Center for European & Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEEAS)

The Center for European & Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEEAS) is policy-research organization concentrated on the issues of European, Euro-Atlantic, geopolitical and regional security studies as well as international relations and development. CEEAS pays particular attention to the high quality of its products and outputs, achieved through the strictly meritocratic selection of personnel, intensive international cooperation with the best international think tanks and research organizations, and by regular evaluation of its activities from independent experts and auditors. The mission of the Centre is to provide research and academic services to state and non-state actors with an aim to effect respective policy decisions and implementation procedures within EU- and NATO-member as well as prospective member states. In addition, within the framework of its interests and expertise, CEEAS intends to contribute to the education and training of student corps from both EU- and NATO-member as well as membership-aspirant countries at graduate and post-graduate levels.  

The research area of the CEEAS encompasses political, economic, foreign, security, strategic and public policy studies, with primary emphasis on the following topics:

  • Georgia’s relations with the European Union and the NATO;
  • The process of Georgia’s Europeanization and integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic institutions;
  • Georgia’s participation in international security-related activities and defence cooperation and its relations with neighbouring countries;
  • Security developments in Georgia and the South Caucasus region;
  • Georgia's international trade and economic ties with other countries and international financial institutions as well as international trade and foreign direct investments into Georgian economy with emphasis on  Euro-Atlantic value system;
  •  International cooperation in the areas of education, science and technology.

The main activities undertaken by CEEAS aims to:

  • Monitor, research and analyze policies, programs, and projects related to the region;
  • Disseminate information through publishing books, brochures, and periodicals;
  • Provide forecasts, policy papers, public policy recommendations along with the consultancy and other expert services to various state and non-state actors;
  • Organize seminars and roundtables on related subjects;

**When appropriate, CEEAS undertakes activities in regards to the education sector through internship (local and international) projects or by involvement in the educational activities at the NVU, as it is center's priority to help talented young researchers and analysts to realize their creative potential fully.