Join nvu community in combating covid-19


NVU is very proud and supportive of its Alumni; it will continue to maintain a connection with graduates and offer various social and academic activities. NVU encourages them to use their knowledge and experience to make difference and build a better tomorrow. The desire to strengthen the relationship between the University and Alumni is mutual and indeed, the first graduates came up with the wonderful idea to establish New Vision Alumni Association.

This Association is a community where young and enthusiastic generation from diverse backgrounds is gathered to connect, discuss innovative ideas and possibilities. It is a wonderful way to meet up fellow Alumni and keep in touch with them although some might live across the continent. As a graduate of NVU, alumni become a free member of the Alumni Association, while gaining access to career services, LLL courses and exclusive invites to events throughout the year to help them succeed. The university creates the platform for all the graduates to be actively involved in creating and planning projects or events within the framework of the association, to share their experiences with current student and to enjoy the lifelong connection with NVU and fellow graduates.


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