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Going to school far from home is an exciting yet at times a difficult process. At NVU, we work hard to make sure all students feel at home. These are the steps to join our global community:

Step 1.

  • Applicants should first complete the Application;

  • Send the Application, together with copies of the documents necessary for the acquisition of student’s status, to the following email address:;

  • All documents not in English or not accompanied by a notarized English translation, must be translated either into English, French or German and be notarized;

  • Each applicant should enter his or her full name, passport number and desirable program title into the subject line of the email;

  • Within seven days after receiving the application, NVU will arrange a Skype interview with the applicant, confirm that the potential student meets all the necessary admission requirements and consequently send a Conditional Offer Letter.

Step 2.

  • Following the receipt of the Conditional Offer Letter, each applicant must pay the initial tuition fee and submit his or her full name and passport number in the Purpose of Transfer line. After receiving payment, NVU will send a Fee Acknowledgement Letter to the applicant;

  • Applicants should send the Power of Attorney to NVU authorizing NVU to represent the applicant with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia;

  • NVU will apply to the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement and request the recognition of applicant’s education status acquired abroad with the aim to grant the right to enroll in the higher educational institution without sitting for the Unified National Examinations/Unified Master’s Examination;

  • Consequently,  NVU will issue the enrollment document (granting student status) and an invitation to Georgia - the Unconditional Offer Letter.

Foreign Student Admission Criteria to the Medical Doctor Program

Rules for Determination English Language Proficiency