Bachelor's Program in Politics and International Relations

The program provides students with the understanding of the essence of politics and international relations and equips them with skills necessary for operation in multicultural setting while making them competent and competitive in an international environment. Graduate students also gain a good understanding of current political, economic, cultural and social processes of the world and get insight into the existing scholarly debates in political science and international relations. Throughout the course, students are required to provide analysis, evaluate and review local, regional and international policies as well as to comprehend political communication, sociology, political philosophy, public policy and other related disciplines.

Additionally, students will have an opportunity to build professional competence in the area of Business Administration and gain knowledge and practical skills in leadership, management, finance/accounting, marketing, and business communications. Alternatively, students can acquire knowledge in international law enhancing their understanding of politics and international relations from the legal perspective and develop practical skills needed to understand legislative instruments, international mechanisms and tools employed for the resolution of conflicts of interests at an international level.

The program supports and prepares its graduates as professionals with high employability making a career in public or private sectors – state institutions, international organizations, non-profit organizations, campaign management and polling.

Program (Qualification) (according to major):

Bachelor of Social Science in International Relations

Bachelor of Social Science in Politics

ECTS / Duration:

240 credits 

The Language of Instruction: