Results of Academic Competition
3 October 2018

According to the submission of the NVU Competition Commission, NVU Academic Board elected following candidates for academic positions:

In School of Business and Information Technologies:

Amer Al-Rawas - Professor in Information Technologies and Innovation; 

David Gulua - Professor in Information Technologies; 

John King - Associate Professor in Effective Communication and Leadership.

In School of Politics and Diplomacy:

Greg Bond - Professor in Mediation;

Clark Plexico - Associate Professor in Politics and International Relations;

Tamar Chokoraia - Associate Professor in Cultural Studies.

In Law School:

Giorgi Tumanishvili - Professor in Criminal Law;

Julia Sitton - Associate Professor in Business Law.

Assistants on following academic positions in various Law fields:

  • Ana Buchukuri (in Constitutional Law);

  • Nino Begiashvili (in Private Law);

  • Nika Sergia (in Competition Law);

  • Salome Churadze (in Public Law);

  • Nana Amisulashvili (in Bankruptcy Law);

  • Sophie Jokhadze (in Public Law);

  • Giorgi Asatashvili (in Public Law);

  • Giorgi Sopromadze (in Medical Law);

  • Nino Bagashvili (in Public Law).

In Medicine School:

Ana Trapaidze - Associate Professor in Biophysics;

Natia Kelm Qipshidze - Associate Professor in Internal Medicine;

Avtandil Manvelidze - Associate Professor in Internal Medicine;

Oleg Kvlividze - Professor in Dermatology.