NVU Tatia Kereselidze Wine Law Research Center

The aim of the Center is to support Wine Law research.

The main objectives of the Center's activities include:

  • To identify current issues related to the Wine Law, conduct research and support publications;

  • To raise awareness about the Wine Law among academic circles, students and other interested parties;

  • To examine experience of EU and international practice in regards to the regulation of the wine sector and to encourage the format of discussions for comparing them with the Georgian Wine Law;

  • To promote international cooperation and knowledge transfer among academic personnel and practitioner lawyers in Wine Law;

  • To organize conferences and trainings on Wine Law related issues.


Center will conduct researches within the context of Wine Law on topics such as:

  • Wine Production Law - Regulation of technological processes (permitted and prohibited operations);

  • Interlink between Wine and Food Laws;

  • Wine branding and protection of intellectual property rights related to it; legal mechanisms for enforcement of rights protection;

  • Geographical naming of wines, their protection and application control;

  • Wine labeling and consumer protection;

  • Wine quality control and certification;

  • Tax-legal requirements for wine production;

  • Wine trade and trade barriers;

  • Responsibility for violation of wine legislation.

Coordinator of the Center: Tatia Kereselidze