All graduates are encouraged to engage with the worldwide community of NVU Alumni. Participating in Alumni events is a wonderful way to explore shared interests, meet fellow graduates and other exciting people with the same values.

NVU is committed to supporting its students after the graduation and offers various services and programs that are beneficial for Alumni. Graduates can deepen their knowledge and gain experience by taking part in academic activities;

Additionally, social gatherings are proposed to ensure friendly environment and strengthen community bond, which also contributes to graduates’ cultural growth. Alumni are also welcome to suggest, plan and carry out their own ideas within the framework of the NVU Alumni Association. Furthermore, graduates are encouraged to meet up with current students, provide them with guidance and advice while also sharing their experience by means of giving back and connecting

NVU encourages each graduate for their active involvement in above-mentioned events.


Peter Emerson meeting with NVU Alumni

Public Lectures by the Chairman of Middle East Leadership Academy - Dr. Amir Al Rawas

Public Training by John King